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Greenfields Public School
(Sr. Secondary) Vivek Vihar

CBSE Affiliation No:- 2730807 | School Code:- 25137


We provide the finest learning experience where studies are blend with the unique study material like Abacus. An ancient technique to be used even today to improve the accuracy and speed. It gives them opportunity to sharpen up their logical and mathematical skills. The significance of Abacus has increased drastically in growing years as it plays an instrumental role in molding a fully functional brain and developing other cognitive skills.

Vedic Math

Vedic Mathematics do wonder to the child’s IQ. The simple tricks used in Brain Gym simply enhance the intelligence quotient of the kid and works on the child’s reasoning ability. Vedic Mathematics provides kids excellent accuracy power and chances of shining bright in the competitive world with one’s excellence.

Artificial Intelligence

The future of the empowered human being imbued in the AI. Practice over theoretical rote learning and memorization is the need of hour. Hence, through robotics, Python coding, Web developing, drone making and quad copter making has adapted by us to concoct students with the futuristic needs.