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Greenfields Public School
(Sr. Secondary) Vivek Vihar

CBSE Affiliation No:- 2730807 | School Code:- 25137

A school plays a crucial role in nurturing and developing the unique talent of every child as well as in shaping their brain. In a fast-changing world, driven by technology and innovations, the way children learn today and the way they will work tomorrow are redefining the contours of teaching and learning everywhere. At Greenfields Public School Vivek Vihar we strongly believe in academic rigour right from pre-school through reading, developing research skills, teaching through innovative strategies, consistent effort, perseverance through time constraints and periodical evaluation. All these are undertaken to equip the child to be ready for challenges. True education, in my opinion, is that which combines the elements of academic excellence with a larger social sensitivity that is founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and compassion. And these, I believe, are values that we in our School exemplifies.

This year in particular we emphasised on effective evaluating methodology and the review pattern which led to the stupendous results in the Board Examinations. We take great pride in the success of our students. The passionate involvement of the teaching as well as non-teaching staff members in the progress of our students is exemplary.

Mrs. Namita Joshi

In a world increasingly plagued by intolerance, insecurities, bitterness and violence, I believe our students stand out as proud and successful symbols of alternative narratives. As educators it is our responsibility to endeavor to guide and mould our students into capable citizens of tomorrow – into young men and women who live up to the highest standards of personal honour, and who combine within themselves the qualities of both intellect and empathy, knowledge and sensitivity, individuality and collaboration. This holistic synthesis, I believe, is what the Greenfields Public School stands for and it is to this inspiring tradition of education that I consider myself privileged to belong.

Extremely modern in its outlook and providing the most up-to-date facilities, the school seeks to prepare the students to be global citizens, who yet have their feet grounded in the local community. It is only with this ‘Global’ attitude that we would be able to produce citizens of India who would merge seamlessly with the global environment and yet be able to relate completely with their identity as Indians. It would be our ceaseless endeavour to lay the foundation of character in our students, upon which the super-structure of a globally aware and locally conscious citizen would rest.

As Principal, Greenfields Public School, I congratulate the faculty and staff of the school for the standards the school has rapidly achieved in its march from inception to what it is today. I am sanguine that we, the faculty, parents and students of GreenFields Public School will join hands to continue taking our school to greater heights in the future.
“Education is not to answer all the questions, Education is the mean to answer all the questions”.

- Mrs. Namita Joshi

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

Rabindranath Tagore

Greenfields public school vivek vihar principal name